How to Live Big in Small(er) Places

A common concern when looking for a new home tends to be having enough space or storage space. While Brick Avenue Lofts is blessed with deep shelving and impressive walk-in closets, the way one arranges and uses their space is oftentimes the difference between chaos and order, between struggling to find your keys on the way to work and leaving your house with ease.

But living in a clutter-free environment doesn’t just make things easier, studies show that living in a tidy, clean home promotes health, productivity, and even a good night’s rest.

Here are some of our favorite ways to get your things in order:

Reevaluate your Belongings

The first rule of thumb for maximizing space should be to reevaluate your belongings and to get rid of all that you don’t need or use. Even then, I’d recommend taking this a step further: only keep the things that bring you joy or provide meaning in your life. For more guidance on how to do this, check out the KonMari Method, a method of organizing and simplifying your life based on deciphering what around you “sparks joy”. Thinking about what you wish to keep in your life as opposed to what you wish to get rid of has proven to be an effective way of tidying. It’s sort of like being asked the question, if your house was on fire, what would you try to save? Decluttering is, of course, not as dire of a situation, but framing the question in this way, prioritizing what you wish to keep, allows you to  consider what around you is most valuable. Keeping this question in mind can also help guide you when considering adding to your home. Is it something you will want to hold on to?

Try a Capsule Wardrobe

Try a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe typically consists of 30ish items of clothing that you love to wear, fit you well, and will stand the test of time. One trick I’ve found particularly useful in terms of organizing my capsule wardrobe is rotating my clothing based on the season. For example, in the winter, I only keep my winter attire on hand and on display and in the summer, I only keep my summer attire accessible. The rest of my clothing gets packed in my suitcase (another way to take advantage of otherwise unused storage space). If a capsule wardrobe seems extreme or too minimalistic for you, you can also apply the KonMari method to your wardrobe in order to save and streamline your closet space.

Look Up

I think when it comes to storage, the first place people think to put excess things is under the bed. But I challenge you to start looking upwards too. I’m sure you have some empty walls where you could add some open shelving or hooks. You could replace the floor lamps with sconces. Not only can you get a bed with built in drawers underneath it, but you can also find them with shelving built into the headboards.

Make it Decorative

If you are going to have clutter, make it decorative. Arrange and choose objects that reflect your personality or you wouldn’t mind having on display.

Follow the Light

Just like mirrors, natural light won’t free up space but it will make a place feel roomier. I’d suggest lighter and sheerer window coverings, if you need or want them. Try not to block your windows with furniture. If you do not have many windows to begin with, I’d make the room(s) with windows the one’s you spend the most time in or often gather with guests in.

Less is More

While it might be tempting to go with more substantial pieces, smaller, narrower pieces will allow you to maximize your space. By choosing smaller pieces, you might not have to sacrifice others. So instead of the grand sofa, go with the loveseat. This might free up enough room to also add a desk, and you can always make the loveseat more plush by adding some cozy throws and pillows.

Take your Time

Take your time finding pieces you truly love. When you don’t have an abundance of space, each piece really counts. Allow yourself to brainstorm and consider your options before committing to something. Maybe the grand sofa is more suitable to your needs and style after all. Maybe you don’t need to fit a desk in the space. Taking the time to plan and to discover what suits your lifestyle will save you not only space but money in the long run.

For more suggestions on how to start and maintain apartment minimalism, click here.

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